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i’m going to be really sad if caitlin and grant left the agency



okay so first of all I absolutely cannot tell you the name titles or the lyrics to any of the songs she played for us. However, I can, to the best of my ability, tell you a vague description of the songs. 

Please forgive me cause my memory is not up to par so I can’t give you exact, detailed descriptions. Trust me I want to but my brain is too small lolol


  • the opening song had very predominate drums. this one she wrote with ryan tedder and it’s a very solid opening track. The song isn’t about a boy, or love, or anything like that. It’s about a place.
  • actually most, if not all, of the songs she played for us had predominate drums throughout the song if my memory serves me right
  • I didn’t hear that much horns tho 
  • out of the woods I can say because it was already mentioned in the RS article. but damn this song slayed yo. very catchy
  • Bad blood lmao this was the shit man. damn katy perry better watch her back cause tay is coming for the bitch
  • there’s also this song that I can’t name but oh my god. Let me tell you. This song is so fucking sassy, trust. it’s hard to explain but lemme try to the best of my ability. You know how the media always writes those ridiculous stories of how she goes on so many dates and has so many boyfriends? The media basically views her as this maneating serial dater that one minute pushes away a guy but the next is clingy and wants them back. Well, she decided to write a song in the point of view of the woman that the media portrays her as, if that makes sense. Trust me I know my description was bad but damn the song was so sassy and there are a couple of lines that I will get tattooed on me. This song should definitely be one of the first ones you listen to once the album comes out.
  • there are one or two about a certain guy she has dated but I don’t exactly know for sure how many songs. But let me just tell you this, from what I’ve heard so far, there are no songs dissing any exes (if my memory serves me correctly)
  • the voice memo she played for us WAS SO GOOD. Like her voice was pitch perfect and it was amazing. The actual finished song was even better. It definitely had a darker vibe to it but it isn’t like super dark or anything lol. It kinda, ALMOST reminds me of haunted, but more pop
  • that one song with the title that is very similar to an exboyfriend’s name, DAMN. Not what you would expect at all. Not a diss song. It’s so damn catchy. 
  • there are a couple of songs that I don’t remember the theme or backstory but trust me it’s SO DAMN GOOD. EVERY SINGLE FUCKING SONG SLAYED US
  • also, there’s one song that in certain parts, it reminded me of a lana del ray song lol it was very smooth and seductive. trust me you’ll love it
  • I honestly was worried when she said she was gonna go full on pop and will be working with shellback & max martin. But honestly after hearing most of 1989, my worries are gone. This is an amazing pop album with that Taylor touch we’ve all come to known and love. Honestly if you are worried with her going pop, don’t stress over it. She still has some amazing lyrics and the beats are really solid. So for your fears and worries, just “shake it off” lmao
  • this album will slay so hard. trust me on this

Fuck, my tea.

me approximately an hour after every time I make tea  (via neverwithoutabookandsoylatte)


Yann FaucherElla Merryweather for Purple


Yann Faucher
Ella Merryweather for Purple

“I love clothing so much; it almost scares me sometimes. Whoever said, ‘Anyone can wear a dress, it’s how you dress during the day that matters’—I really believe that.”

  • taylor on twitter: i didn't know i had a home phone. interesting development.
  • taylor on instagram: hey, baby, i just read your letter and you're so sweet. i love you. stay strong.


My Neighbor Totoro (1988)


My Neighbor Totoro (1988)